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Bulk SMS Marketing: Top 5 advantages For Businesses

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Easy Of Use

No strategic planning and technical knowledge require to send a bulk SMS message as you can send SMS to your target customers within few mouse clicks.

Low Cost With High ROI

TV commercials, Newspaper ads and other outdoor advertising are expensive for most small to medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, bulk SMS marketing as such low set up as well as the marketing campaigns can be introduced and implemented for a small fraction of costs related to the traditional marketing methods.


The best point about SMS messaging or marketing is that the advertisement reaches to the consumers within 5 seconds, so your messages will be viewed and read by them immediately. People do not have to reach their laptop or desktop to check out the ads. Newspaper ads, television ads on and other varieties of mass media do not guarantee these services. Besides, there marketing methods are quite expensive in comparison to bulk SMS marketing.


Do you know that SMS messages can be personalized to the receiver and delivered to their pockets within few seconds. Besides, they can be personalized based on the demographics and customer’s past buying behavior. SMS marketing can even be location based and individually sculpted based on different shops with different locations of the country. However, any other marketing form would be a very costly. Affair to get this level of personalization, but it can be done for no extra cost with bulk SMS.

Open Rates

SMS’s get read most of the time by receivers unlike emails that get neglected (about 98%) most of the time. This is because there is some degree of curiosity connected to getting an SMS that prompts the SMS recipient to open and read it. So, choose SMS every time if you want to ensure that your message is seen and read by the highest percentage of people.

So, these are the 5 big advantages that are reported when we ask people about their experience with bulk SMS service.

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