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Why Modern Businesses And Organization Can’t Ignore SMS

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Think that you have to target a large number of people with a single business message, how would you manage everything? The answer to this is a bulk SMS service that will send across the message to multiple customers within no time. Also, sending bulk SMS, is the best way to target thousands of customers as it is a fast and affordable marketing technique. Today, the uses of SMS business messaging are many, and lots of organizations are turning to real time communications such as SMS business messaging and mobile devices to achieve a competitive edge in the today’s marketplace.

Since Short Message Service (SMS) first started being used as a marketing tool in the 1990s, it has helped to launch and grow many key names in business, for example, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Red Bull and Starbucks. Today, more and more businesses are opting for bulk sms, but why? The below the statistics seem to talk for themselves.

  • The average person is look at their phone 150 times every day that includes for; phone calls, text messages, social media notifications and emails” Said by Nokia

  • “About 70% of consumers believe that getting an offer by mobile is more convenient than any other channel. Also, 64% of consumers believe businesses should be communicating with them by SMS According to SAP.

  • According to eMarketer, “Over 5 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone by 2017 that equates to 70% of people globally who will be able to send and receive text messages”

  • “About 98% of text messages are open and read within the average response time of just 90 seconds” Venture Beat

Nowadays, with so many people chronically attached to their mobile devices, it’s no surprise that more companies are embracing text messaging. Also, bulk sms service is a guaranteed way to make sure customers get your message quickly. More than 90% of people read a text message within the 90 seconds of receiving it, according to Mobile Squared. Also, you aren’t limited to a smartphone or a computer / laptop to receive a text message and unlike email.

Today, one of the best and affordable ways to promote the products and services is SMS marketing. The time has gone when businesses used to depend on traditional media to sell their goods, products and services, but now most of the businesses prefer to do this job by bulk SMS. Additionally, SMS marketing with its assorted benefits has become the favourite tool for most of the companies and organization in the present time.

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