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Top Industries Using Bulk SMS Services

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Today, mobile telephony has become vastly matured and dependable, and the mobile industry has penetrated the entire world successfully and now marketing through mobile devices has turned out to be the most executable options for businesses and organizations. The most favorite form business use of mobile telephony is via the SMS service and using SMS short codes to send business messages. Below are some industries that are highly potent to make use of the bulk SMS services so as to improve their services and profits.

Real Estate Industry

Real estate companies and brokers use bulk SMS software to inform their customers about new projects, ongoing projects, festivals offer or discount on BSP rates or to promote the property. Also, real estate companies use such services to inform the customers about future project with key specialties of these projects. If you have already brought a property, then these companies use bulk SMS services to keep in touch with you.


We have received different messages on our mobile phones from various banks about their latest schemes, loan offer and policies. This is the finest form of cheap bulk SMS gateway. But, when related to individuals, bulk SMS can be used to inform about any account activity, for example, account balance, verification process, cash withdrawal information and these messages don’t only make banking easier for the customers but gives him with better security too.

E-Commerce Industry

The most successful use of bulk SMS service is achieve by online businesses that keep sending repeated messages to their customers or to everyone. In addition, these companies do not delay to let the news go viral whenever there is any offer, any new product introduced or anything else. Customers stay on in touch with what is going in the ecommerce sector, thus they welcome such short messages.

Tours & Travels Industry

Companies who are in tour and travel business use bulk SMS gateway to promote different journey packages to the tourists & travelers. Also, they distribute the messages to inform them about new packages constantly and many other related information about the packages.

Apart from these industries, Schools or colleges use these service to distribute curriculum, exam dates, results, etc. Apart from these industries, Schools or colleges use this service to distribute curriculum, exam dates, results or other functions at the institute Besides, educational institutes use this medium to establish an effective communication amongst employees and staff.

Bulk SMS can be greatly effective if businesses use them properly. They are beneficial not only in the above mentioned industries, but almost in every business, be it online or offline.

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